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Discovery Operation

The first stem designed to ease the transporting and storing of your bike. The ideal solution that requires only one simple movement which can be used in many situations. Act now to take advantage of our "Discovery Operation" promotion, enjoy its exceptional benefits and become an IXOW Ambassador.
(Discovery Offer limited to 3,000 Stempark devices)

IXOW Stempark

Reduce the width of your bicycle by 50 cm in 2 seconds. Storing and transporting your bike is a breeze.


Special offer : exclusive advantages!

Installation included + 20% lifetime discount on our online store + 5 year warranty. Bonus: -30% on all other products on the day of purchase of the stempark

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the Discovery Offer

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By participating in the Stempark - Discovery Operation, you will be joining a community of cyclists and play a part in creating the products of tomorrow.

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stempark : a revolutionary solution

Reduce the width of your bicycle by 50 cm in 2 seconds. Storing and transporting your bike is a breeze.

ixow stempark

What is Stempark?

It’s a bicycle stem with a built-in storage-transport function. A patented locking mechanism allows you to align the handlebars parallel to the wheels and frame in just 2 seconds. Due to its reduced width, the bike can be stored anywhere (bicycle garage, in your garage aside your car, balcony, basement…) and easily transported (car, train).
You can use your bike more often and more easily. No more problems with handlebars getting tangled with other bikes or taking up extra space!

Stempark is ideal for both commuter and recreational cyclists who are looking for practical, ergonomic and dependable features, whether they use their bike occasionally or every day.

1 stem – 3 positions

ixow stempark : 3 positions

Stempark features 1 position for riding and 2 positons for storage and transport.

stempark will simplify your life in many ways

ixow stempark : park

Park your bike in a small space (cellar, balcony, corridor) or at a bike station; store several bicycles side by side; transport them on a bike rack, in the hold of a motorhome or on a train: all this is now possible thanks to stempark!

Very easy to use and extremely secure

IXOW stempark fonctionnement

Very easy to use

Simply lift up the two safety buttons and twist. That’s all there is to it!
Your handlebars are aligned with the frame and the width of the bicycle is reduced.

A safety control

To prevent any mishandling, the two safety buttons must be intentionally lifted at the same time in order to unlock the Stempark.

IXOW stempark mécanisme

A reliable long-lasting mechanism

Stempark was designed according to the most rigorous standards. It can be locked thousands of times without requiring maintenance and without compromising its performance.

European Approval

It has met all the European Safety Regulations (EN 14766).

stempark : a stem designed for a wide range of cyclists and bicycles.

Are you in a hurry to order your Stempark? We totally understand!

However, take a few minutes to make sure that you can fully benefit from the many advantages of this Stempark offer.

Even though Stempark can be assembled as easily as any traditional stem, if you wish so, our technical partners would be pleased to help you with the installation.

If you meet the following criteria, then the Stempark offered in this promotion is right for you :

  • Your activity: commuter and city cycling, fitness, recreational, mountain biking.
  • Your bike: compatible with an aheadset stem (and not with a quill stem).
  • Your handlebars: straight, flat, semi-raised or raised.

Some technical information to ensure that Stempark is compatible with your bicycle:

  • Aheadset type stem (not a quill stem)
  • Head tube diameter: 28,6 mm or 1 1/8"
  • Stem length: 100 mm
  • Angle : 7°
  • Handlebar diameter: 31,8 mm /25,4 mm (with adapter provided)
ixow stempark

Ergonomics, ingenuity and security, with Stempark you will never use your bicycle the same way again.

ixow stempark ixow stempark ixow stempark ixow stempark ixow stempark

A unique offer
because we need you!

3 000 stempark available

Participating in the Stempark Discovery Operation means much more than simply being a user of IXOW products. You become an IXOW Ambassador. You join a community of cyclists who want to share their experiences and participate in creating our products of tomorrow.
At IXOW, our mission is to improve your cycling experience every day by coming up with innovative solutions. To achieve this, we need your input. We want to hear your opinions, understand your requirements and receive your comments and suggestions.

Our exclusive promotional offer will enable you to discover Stempark and join in the IXOW adventure with preferred conditions.

To allow you to install the stempark easily and safely, we offer 2 options:

Installation by an IXOW partner

Stempark €74.90*
Installation Included
Total €74.90

In this option, IXOW supports the installation costs by one of our expert partners. You will not have to pay for the installation. Find our partners for this service.

Choose this offer

Installation by yourself or your usual technician

Stempark €74,90*
Installation cost €10.00
Total €64.90

In this option, IXOW participates for 10€ in the installation of your product. If necessary, you can always ask our expert partners.

Choose this offer

* Official Stempark price to the general public: €74.90 including taxes.

IXOW Membership Card

By buying a Stempark during the Discovery Operation promotion, you will join in the IXOW adventure. You become an IXOW Ambassador. To mark the occasion, you will get your membership card with your stempark, to enjoy the benefits that come with it, including 20% lifetime discount on all products available online at !

Stempark can also make life easier for people you know: Spread the word!

Stay informed!

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